Dehazing photos: the challenges in free software

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I posted a few weeks ago about a clever method for dehazing photos, that is probably similar to the method used by Adobe in Lightroom. It would be great to see something like this in darktable and RawTherapee, especially since … Continued

Beginners darktable guide

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Posting has been infrequent recently as I’ve been working on a guide to darktable for beginners. It’s now available at the linked page, and covers the basics of getting around in darktable.

How dehazing works: a simple explanation

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One of the coolest new features of Lightroom is the dehaze slider, a button that seemingly magically strips away “haze” (mist, fog, smog, etc.) and reveals what it was obscuring. However, it’s not magic. In fact, the methods for dehazing … Continued

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