Avoiding edge effects with shadows and highlights

I’ve discussed how to use the darktable shadows and highlights module on this blog before. However, as I mentioned then, it can suffer from edge effects. Because the module looks at a region surrounding each pixel, you can get “halos” … Continued

darktable 2.0 released

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darktable 2.0 was released today (no more release candidates!). From the darktable blog: when updating from the currently stable 1.6.x series, please bear in mind that your edits will be preserved during this process, but it will not be possible … Continued

Installing darktable 2.0

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darktable 2.0 was announced two weeks ago, with a second release candidate announced today, and many people have been looking for a way to install it, especially via a PPA. Update: a third release candidate has been announced, with a … Continued

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