Fujifilm cameras in darktable

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Yesterday I downloaded the latest Reddit Raw editing challenge files, only to find that I couldn’t open them in the rather dated version of darktable that I was running (on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty). The reason for this is that the … Continued

Weekly #FOSSphotography round-up – 31st July 2015

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FOSS (n): Free, open-source software. Link round-up New Curves tutorial over at Pixls.us Filmulator example: Bumping up colours Polaroid-esque home-made camera Focus stacking in MacroFusion FOSS edited photos

Every photography practice exercise, ever

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There’s a new page on FreeThatPhoto: a list of exercises and drills to improve your photography. Deliberate practice is the best way to learn something: scientists have found that focused drills and exercises are what separate the top performers in … Continued

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