Advanced editing with darktable tone curves

In a previous post, we discussed using darktable’s base curve tool to adjust the tones in a photo. This post will look at the other main curves tool: darktable tone curves. How do curves work?: A review In the last … Continued

Where are Lightroom presets in darktable? Introducing darktable styles

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Adobe Lightroom comes with a handy feature call “presets”. As the name suggests, presets allow you to save the settings for multiple effects, and then apply them all to a new photo with a single click (much like an Instagram … Continued

Avoiding edge effects with shadows and highlights

I’ve discussed how to use the darktable shadows and highlights module on this blog before. However, as I mentioned then, it can suffer from edge effects. Because the module looks at a region surrounding each pixel, you can get “halos” … Continued