Book review: Linux Photography by Dmitri Popov

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Linux Photography by Dmitri Popov. Verdict: 4.5/5. An excellent overview of many Linux useful tools for digital photographers. Available at Gumroad. Regular readers of this website are probably familiar with Scribbles and Snaps, the blog of Dmitri Popov. Dmitri is … Continued

Advanced editing with darktable tone curves

In a previous post, we discussed using darktable’s base curve tool to adjust the tones in a photo. This post will look at the other main curves tool: darktable tone curves. How do curves work?: A review In the last … Continued

Avoiding edge effects with shadows and highlights

I’ve discussed how to use the darktable shadows and highlights module on this blog before. However, as I mentioned then, it can suffer from edge effects. Because the module looks at a region surrounding each pixel, you can get “halos” … Continued